Xmas Nativity not suitable for Primary 1


A friend told me that the last Xmas Nativity at the local primary school was on the theme of King Herod, and the children of Primary One were told about and acted in the scenes of searching for all the new born babies, because Jesus was a threat.

The parent was shocked by this theme being pushed onto her children, but was scared to complain to school in case she was branded a trouble-maker.

She asks me how to go about Home educating their children, as they do not agree with the content of the curriculum.

Her children already have been glorifying Pirates and Roman Soldiers as part of their Primary 1 experience. What is wrong with the world she asks.

Both children are changing from loving, kind and happy children into unrecognisable individuals, even though they are twins who were difficult to separate, this is no longer the case.


The children of the country have to be taught to admire bullies. That way they will submit to the daily round of terror should either grown up bullies in school or the smaller ones decide to make them targets. Then, they have to accept it in a working life where their humanity and lives will be stripped from them in the name of the economy and targets. The state has an agenda. The state wants your children.