Would appreciate some help.....

I've just sent the letter to secondary school, the school have confirmed receipt of the letter.... I have a 15 year old doing gcse maths & english and would really appreciate some information on what to do now whilst waiting for the LEA?

There is so much information in the internet it's overwhelming and don't know where to start!

I'm based in Stockport and any local contacts would be appreciated.

many thanks

Elaine Kirk

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In England you dont need LA permission to Home Educate but you do need to send a de-register letter to the school more information here , once you have delivered the deregister letter to the school then your child is free to leave. Do read the link and check though . Scotland requires LA permission but not England.


:welcome: to the forums, Sandra.

Hopefully, we'll be able to put you in touch with local families who can provide a bit of support.

Meanwhile, you might want to take some time to formulate some provisional plans in conjunction with your 15yo so that s/he can either sit these GCSEs or pursue a different path.

Education is not a race and you just need to decide what best suits your child so that you can proceed at the pace that suits his/her age, ability and aptitude.

Good luck and don't panic! :D


Like Ali says, you don't need to do GCSEs, if you don't want to. In fact, it might be as well to withdraw from all that kind of thing. It's all very pressurised and gives results for schools but not necessarily for the young person involved.

If you want to proceed, one way is to find the curriculum and some test papers on the internet. There are plenty posted. Your child can work through those. When you consider that a class has to cope with thirty plus children all at different stages in their learning you'll realise that a lot of repetition and reiteration goes on in school. If you're doing the work by yourself you can work at your own speed.

Don't worry.