Why should we be forced into buying wheelchairs from the people who broke our legs?

Edinburgh conference for those opposed to GIRFEC child guardians, data theft and government deceit.

No 2 Named Person conference: the family fights back

Schoolhouse is not alone in deploring the deceitful tactics employed by the Scottish Government to force through its ‘early interference’ agenda (originally proposed by Labour), disguised in child protection clothing and deliberately missold in order to fool the masses, including teachers and health workers who have now all been effectively demoted to the status of state snitches.
With no tempering second chamber, power and control have become the dominant characteristics in Scottish politics and it is therefore up to us, the sovereign people of Scotland, to resist such totalitarian policies no matter how they are spun. As one home educator put it, "why should we be forced into buying wheelchairs from the sort of people who just broke our legs?"