Why do you home educate?

Every one has their own experiences but I don't think Home Education is a good Idea. Because of home education Children's exposure to the school and society would be limited. He/She might not be confident as compared to other school going children and might end up in isolation.
I think that Children's exposure to School SHOULD be limited! That way they are far more likely to learn something relevant to them!

As for exposure to society!!! How much exposure to society does the average school child get when incarcerated in school at least six hours a day? School is not society, it's a very artificial creation and has no resemblance to normal society outside of a school situation.

Home Educated Children are out and about in society and learning how the real world works far more often than is generally realised!
"I don't think Home Education is a good Idea. Because of home education Children's exposure to the school and society would be limited. He/She might not be confident as compared to other school going children and might end up in isolation."

Most home educated kids want to be enabled to become confident and contributing good citizens through being liberated from state custody (in the form of schooling) and empowered to take charge of their own destinies.
I intend to HE because my own memories of school are not good. My younger sister, who used to be an A* student, came out of high school with all C grade GCSE's because there was not enough room for her to take higher tier GCSE exams.

In primary school, she was belittled by teachers, helpers and classmates purely because she was more intelligent then them.

I do not wish for Savannah to have the same experiences. I wish for her to have better opportunity then schools can give.
I've copied this from a message sent to a friend of mine who is desperately trying to get her child into the school I've just removed my child from. She is worried she's making the wrong decision, I didn't want to bad mouth the school but couldn't help it! please excuse bad typos, I was on my phone at the time of writing.

"there are a lot of things recently (well, the past year) that have made me dislike the school more and more.
mainly, sophie is a round peg in a square hole for a start. she just doesn't "fit". secondly, [School Name] push the high achievers, and they push the low achievers but if you're normal and in the middle like soph, you kinda get ignored to a degree.

They're very into asking for money a lot, not a reason to take sophie out but still something worth mentioning.

School's not for everyone lol


soph's generally unhappy at school, she dislikes the way it works. she's not good at sitting still for long periods of time and works better on a full belly... this doesn't fit with the school day, but at home I can feed her, do a little work, feed her, do a little work etc.

she hates school in general. she's good at everything academic, attaining ok assessment levels etc but she's down all of the time. in the past week she's met with a home ed social group and was so happy and relaxed.

Also being HE means we can stop turning down council properties that are too far from her school too lol!!

I've also had her assessed by an LSA who teaches kids at the same educational level as sophie (but special children so they're 14-16) and she's never seen anyone have as much trouble trying to write because of the system they've been taught as sophie.

[School Name] are the only school locally who use this system, and soph's not the only one having serious trouble with it but they don't listen to parent's concerns!

we were going to leave her til the end of this school year, but during easter she was showing some disturbing signs like being down all the time about going back to school, refusing to read (her FAVORITE hobby before) cos she's terrified of getting something wrong. she wont write, again 'cos she's terrified. I mean not just worried like all kids, proper full on panic attacks.

I tried pointing out her panic twice between sept and dec to the school and sophie's got worse. I've mentioned it three times again since jan and again nothing. she's being bullied by someone on her table too, and I have asked her to get moved and they moved her one seat, but because the cowbag who's bullying sophie does it in a way that teachers never see, I look like a paranoid mum!

erm.... that's a lot of it, but there's probs more when I think about it.

oh, yeah. she hates the uniform. gaain not a reason to pull her out, but another reason sophie dislikes school. [Have given all of her emblem t shirts to my neighbour, she's a single mum, her little boy starts there in sept and the t shirts are sooo expensive]

[with reference to a comment about a conversatrion we'd had where she agreed that too much competition in school can be a bad thing] Nobody had any idea then we were taking sophie out, except me, james and kinda sophie! but like i said, then we were going to leave her til the summer.... but to be honest i'd rather take her out now and start trying to rebuild her confidence before it's too late and she psychologically changes forever.

in the past week she's started wearing clothes again that she'd refused to 'cos theyre "not cool" and she's scared people will take the piss out of her; she's six for frick's sake! fashion shouldn't matter!

She'd developed a hatred of anything second hand, because it's "dirty". we've always been very much a second hand family and never made out it's dirty so she's picked it up off someone at school, but since making the final decision she bought a new bike with her own money from a charity shop near her Gran's and was proud that although it's second hand, she'd made a good purchase that she's proud of. she also menitoned how she's recycling and made a joke about re "CYCLE" ing... and gone back to how she was before.

she's started getting more confident with giving reading a go, she's been picking up books again for fun not because she has to.

she's just not being engaged enough at school... and has changed so much in the past few days that I know we're doing the right thing."

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Why do you home educate? Reply to Thread

No school forces its children to learn, read, write or to do maths at the age of 4. The foundation should be given at home where learning through play does everything for children.
We took our daughter out when we started to witness the endless Antisocial behaviour from the other families using the school.
There are some things I would far rather she wasn't taught thankyou very much

The children could not go to the toilet when they had to. It's a denial of a basic human right, in my book.

Too much homework. They weren't getting enough time just to live and breathe and do what they enjoyed doing for having to start on piles of homework after a meal at night.

I completely agree with you on this, I couldn't believe it when I heard that 4 year olds were getting homework. When I was at school you didn't get homework till you were 7 and even then it wasn't every night and would only be for 20 minutes if that. I have heard lots of parents complaining that their children are stressed about homework and they are 5! It's ridiculous, I feel that children are not allowed to just be children almost anymore.
I didn't get homework until secondary school, and was shocked when I discovered that younger children were expected to do stuff at home.
It's now or never

I think we are going to take our two daughters out of school to HE, one has Aspergers diagnosed and I'm sure the other is the same but not diagnosed, my yr 10 daughter was humiliated at school this week when a NQT put the register on the smart board for the whole class to see that she was 'autistic'. I've spent two years trying to educate this 'outstanding' school the problems associated with my daughter and I'm just going round in circles, my D is studying WW1 without the ability to even understand why or what she is doing, she is not statemented but has TA to help, that's now gone, no supports in place, she's miserable, poorly, sick, off school, not eating, severely anxious, she won't be in school tomorrow either?

I work two days a week, but on those days my husband is home at 12.45pm, my girls are good quiet girls with personalities that want to learn, can I leave set work for them on these days and leave them for 3 and 3/4 hrs till my husband returns ? Is that within the rules, because right now that's our only hurdle !!!!:frusty:


Hi Clare,

It sounds like you've had a bad time with the schools. They don't cater for children as individuals because they're too busy trying to cut bits off our youngsters to make them fit into the same, very small, boxes.

It also sounds like your children will thoroughly enjoy home education. Could you perhaps leave them for a few hours with a friend/relative/neighbour that you trust? Or could you contact your local home educating group/groups and suggest that you look after someone else's child/children during the time when you are with your daughters in return for them being with yours.

Or could you arrange to work from home during those tricky times?

I'm sure there will be a way through it for you all.
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After 2 plus years of hell for my daughter at school, which resulted in stress anxiety and NEAD her education was suffering. We knew something had to be done ASAP. School were of no help promised things would be put in place but were not, they couldn't or wouldn't give her the extra time she needed to cope with her dyslexia and ADHD We worried for her safety as the school had no knowledge of NEAD (non epileptic attack disorder) and were not prepared to provide for her. After much thought and research my daughter is now home educated. She is brighter happier more settled and willing to learn. Home education is not for everyone but it really is working for us.


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Reasons of Home Education

Your are correct on that one . I actually teach one girl who cant just cope with school. l tried to advise her parents to consider home schooling .She suffers from bullying at school and she is now resorting to self harm .

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Wow, I just checked your blog, what an excellent intro! Yes, I'm one of those folk who have been thinking about homeschooling (since the birth of my 7 year old)
Now after reading the name John Taylor Gatto, and checking his quotes for the first time, all this time, I always knew what I have to do!!

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I find the existing curriculum at schools to be too bookish. There is very little scope to improvise and there is no effort to provide overall learning. That's why I choose homeschooling where I can teach my child by giving practical, day-to-day examples.