What next

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History here:

We've had the meeting with school today - well I wasn't there, but my partner and a representative from Parent Partnership was.

The meeting was a sham (confirmed by the PP volunteer who took minutes), prepared and rehearsed for our benefit. Basically they didn't put up a fight over our withdrawal. They seemed to confirm the main point from our letter that there has been "an irrevocable breakdown in the parent/school relationship"

Yes they have (in 2 days and without our input) performed an internal investigation, no they don't seem to be denying the assault happened. The boy 'has been made to feel sorry'.

So, what next, for us personally we have not given up on school just yet, so how do we go about putting together a list of requirements to put to other schools? How can we negotiate this and how can we enforce it.

And in the short term what do I need to do to 1. keep the authorities happy, and 2. continue to educate my son so that he can happily return to school for a second try.

Help please.

Also still looking for anyone I could meet up with in Cheshire?

Many thanks.