what are sessional/advisory teachers?


keeping it brief, i'd like to know what a sessional teacher is and what an advisory teacher is. are they one and the same thing?

background to my question :-

we have decided to home educate our 7yr old son. The LEA (hull) have already contacted us despite the fact that he's not de-registered from school until 12th april. To be honest the letter and bumf is not as bad as it it could have been. however, a couple of things have raised some concern. as seems to be the norm, they have assumed they can visit me. the cover letter indicates that a sessional teacher will visit, while the bumf says an advisory teacher will visit. i have not heard either of these terms used before. the bumf also indicates that the LEA will let health and social services have details of my child, is this normal practice? they say it is to make sure possible areas of support and entitlement are not lost to the child. the bit that bothers me there is why do social services need to be informed that i'm home educating? it makes me feel like we're being 'red flagged'.

any clarification on these issues would be much appreciated!




:welcome: to the forums, Andrew.

It's likely that different LAs use different job titles for the staff who interact with home educators. They should not make assumption that you will accept a home visit as you may choose to provide information about your home education by alternative means.

With the advent of ContactPoint in England, there seems to be no limit to the number of agencies that can access and share your child's personal details (unless you are a celebrity or MP). It might be worth asking the LA to confirm in writing the legal basis for their sharing information about your child without your express consent.

ECM = Every Citizen Monitored. :(