Welsh concerns following the Badman report


Welsh Grand Committee in Parliament yesterday (17th December) - with thanks to Aspie home education blog for flagging it.

Welsh concerns following the Badman report

Mark Williams: Before the hon. Gentleman moves on from education, he will be aware of the concerns expressed by many of our constituents about the implications of the Badman report. The Bill to which he alluded gives the National Assembly, quite rightly, the power to undertake an inquiry and to take action as it sees fit. Does he share the concerns of many of us in Wales about the knock-on effects of the Badman report on home education throughout Wales?
Yes, please go and read the whole thing everybody. I found it quite moving after the year we've just had in England. Sounds really positive for those in Wales :)
Mr. Llwyd: ...It is a draconian report, and it is troubling for those who have always home educated their children, so I am hopeful that we will take a different view in Wales.

Keeping everything crossed that this will be the majority view

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