Welsh Assembly Govt - Sept consultation on home education


This was posted on our Facebook page with permission to cross post to interested parties.

Copied from ehew yahoo group in order to make as many home edders aware of the september consult as possible...please cross post.

Recently I emailed Welsh Assembly about research undertaken around elective
home education.
>> This is part of their response which they sent me.
>> You may be interested to note that Leighton Andrews, Minister for Education
and Skills plans to revise legislation in the area of elective home education
and we will shortly go out to consultation on the proposed changes. We welcome
your views and if you wish to provide them you will be able to do so through the
consultation section of the Welsh Government's website once the consultation has
launched. We expect this to be in early September.
>> John

Hi John,
>Thanks for posting this.
>I haven't been following events very closely recently.
>Do you know any more about the scope of the research?
>Is there any info about how these proposals will have been drawn up... has the
HE community had any input?
>Is there any indication about content? ... Support? ... Monitoring?
Hi Ceri
Thanks for your email.
All I know is that a survey took place sometime ago with input from home
educators. The piece of work did not culminate in a formal report rather
the research was used to develop the WAG's knowledge and understanding of the
motivations behind the choice to home educate.

Hope this helps


Evidently the info was trailed as a tag-on to a response to another request.

And suddenly, as if by magic, a conference for 'professionals' and HErs in Wales which seems to have only one home educating speaker from Wales.

I'll leave you to guess the others. :lol:


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OK here's what I know. There was some research carried out in South Wales. I'm not clear by whom or for what purpose but I gather that the responses were not WAG wanted to hear and they buried the research. A lady called Rachel who runs Bridgend Home Educators has a copy of the outcomes I gather and so do some others on the HE-Cymru list who are planning to use it to fight the WAG proposals. I don't have a copy and I didn't take part in it.

A long time ago I set up a yahoo list called SWWHE which stood for South West Wales Home Educators. About a year ago I wanted to retire and hand it on to someone else. A friend of mine from my local HE group, Ianna, wanted to set up a kind of information hub where all the Welsh groups could post info about their events. Thus it was that EHEW (Elective Home Education Wales) was born. Ianna took over SWWHE and it became EHEW.

Many months ago, long before we knew changes were afoot in Wales, my friend wanted to hold a conference to educate LAs about HE. I asked if I could speak because I wanted to present my thesis on learning and autonomy. I had made a mind map of things I wanted to do and public speaking was right there at the top, so I jumped at it.

That's all I can tell you, I haven't been involved in the organisation of the conference or the choice of other speakers, but there's no connection between the conference and the Bridgend research or between the conference and proposed legislation. The organisers of EHEW are all bone fide home educators and I can vouch for them not being in cahoots with WAG in any way if that helps?


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Any more news about this review? I hear that it is proposed by the assembly that an imposed curriculum and monitoring are on the cards? How are people in Wales responding to this idea.


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Well, not with a resounding "Get lost, I will not comply with your illegitimate incursions into my family life" I am sorry to say, more with a "Oh, they probably just need a teensy bit more information about how all our kids can get GCSEs and then they'll realise how wonderful we are and what silly billies they are being"

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The latest National Statistics on pupils educated other than at school in Wales produced by the Welsh Government were released on 29 August 2012 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

Statistics on Pupils Educated Other than at School, 2011/12 (Experimental Statistics) are based upon data relating to pupils known by Local Authorities to be receiving education outside of school during the academic week from 16 to 20 January 2012. *This is an experimental statistics release.
In 2011/12
2,577 pupils were recorded as being educated other than at school, with 1,026 of these receiving their main education outside of school;
The rate of pupils educated other than at school remains the same as 2010/11 (2.2 per 1,000 pupils);
Just under 90 per cent of EOTAS pupils receiving their main education outside of school were recorded as having special educational needs (Table 5);
The most frequently used form of educational provision for EOTAS pupils was being taught at a Pupil Referral Unit, accounting for almost 40 per cent of all enrolments;
986 pupils of compulsory school age were reported to be educated at home during 2011/12.
The stats release for today the 29th August 2012.
986 home ed children. Somebody really needs to foi and find out how much is being spent on this consult and also get the estimated cost of implementing the new regime .
The man on the street may not understand home ed but he Damnit sure understands vast amount of money being spent on children whose education the Welsh ass is NOT responsible for whilst his schooled children have sub optimal educational resources.
Link for stats http://wales.gov.uk/topics/statistics/headlines/schools2012/120829/?lang=en
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Actually a request (foi) should be submitted to each local authority asking how many hours per week education eotas children for whom the la is responsible for their education get. Eotas children get very little formal ed .