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This is not an awful lot of use as the addy is password protected but..this has just come through on my google alerts so there has been some activity regarding the document and I didn't want to leave it and further down the line say 'oops I knew they were up to something'
Welsh Assembly Government | Inclusion and Pupil Support - Section
These guidelines recognise that elective home education is a key aspect of parental choice. ... Section 6 Elective Home Education File Size: (127.3 KB) ...
Thanks for this.

I had a letter off Leyton Andrews recently which I interperated as saying that there was nothing much happening. I'll dig it out and post it here when I get a chance to see what the rest of you think.

Here you go:

Doh, no wonder I couldn't fine a letter...it was an email!

Flag this messageRE: Letter from your constituent Annette JonesThursday, 29 July, 2010 14:24From: "Andrews, Leighton (Assembly Member)" <Leighton.Andrews@wales.gov.uk>Add sender to ContactsTo: "BRYANT, Chris" <BRYANTC@parliament.uk>, "Annette Jones" <Nettyjones1@yahoo.com>Dear Annette

The situation with Home Education is quite complicated, I am afraid.
There were due to be provisions in the Children Schools and Families
Bill which the UK Labour Government was putting through at the time of
the General Election, but these were objected to by the Conservative
Opposition and consequently the provisions were removed in order for
there to be all-party agreement to getting the Bill passed. These
provisions would have given the Welsh Assembly Government broad
framework powers to regulate Home Education. As the Bill was not passed,
the Welsh Assembly Government does not have inspection powers at the
present time. This website sumarises the current legal position:

In the absence of powers being transferred, I do not anticipate any
developments regarding registration or inspection in Wales in the near

Yours sincerely

Leighton Andrews