Well something quite big happened today :)

Today was fab. My son's autistic and his biggest difficulty is that he can't really think for himself. I've followed his interests and tried to come up with lots of things to do and give him choices, but essentially it is me coming up with the ideas and trying to get him to get involved. I often end up finishing things on my own, which is absolutely fine as I feel even if all he did was stir the paint or fetch a bowl from a cupboard he's done something towards it and it all adds up.

Today I told him it was time to go out to do gardening and asked him if he'd like to come out and play on his scooter. He said no, he wanted to grow something. I almost fell over as he's never wanted to do something like that before or suggested it himself.

I then almost collapsed on the floor when he fetched the gardening book, showed me which project he wanted to do and asked me if we had all the bits we needed. We didn't, at which point I thought he'd loose interest completely (no real sense of time so saying "we'll get what we need to do it tomorrow" doesn't really mean anything to him and he generally wants things done immediately or he goes off to something else). But he said it was okay and even asked if we'd go to a different garden centre if the first one didn't have the stuff we needed.

So basically today was the first day he picked out something he wanted to do without any input from me, coped okay with being told he couldn't do it straight away and then did some planning so that he can do it tomorrow :) A really big deal for us, I was so happy he said to me, "Why do you keep smiling? You look stupid." :angel:
No wonder you were grinning from ear to ear :whoo: That brought tears to my eyes - in a GOOD way :thumb:

It certainly proves that you're doing something right, the ability to decide to do something interesting doesn't come easily at first.
Thank you for your kind comments, everybody! He seems to be on a roll at the moment, he's written his entire Christmas list without any help, happily agreed to visit a museum this afternoon (I usually have to bribe him) and handed over the money for his poppy himself. I think I may be surplus to requirements before long :)