We are one step closer to roving squads of child-catchers


Kevin McKenna in the Guardian: We are one step closer to roving squads of child-catchers

Many women have what Dr Sher would term unsafe pregnancies and unhealthy babies. However, we live in a country where, unless you are less than a perfect specimen while developing in the womb, your mother will come under all sorts of pressure to destroy you. I worry that such a demand for human perfection exists outside the womb in the minds of those who want to fashion a nice, clean and safe environment. There are a lot of small-town fascists lurking under cover of liberal, tolerant Scotland.
In this country, too, we have a so-called left-of-centre government that specialises in legislation designed to label and criminalise the poorest and most vulnerable. For those among Scotland’s interference army, who want everything to be “safe, healthy and rewarding”, the proposed named persons scheme will provide years of endless fun. It is just another tawdry little instrument to allow affluent, chattering middle-class types to poke around the wretched lives of those they consider to be beneath them. Then, of course, they can label them, because that’s what this country likes to do to its people. Those not considered to be “safe, healthy and rewarding” will have the black spot put on them for the rest of their lives.
If the poor and unhealthy continue irresponsibly to have children, we could impose a minimum child allowance. Only one child will be allowed per home where the parents are deemed by the government’s Dodgy Parent Register to be, well … dodgy. We will know all about these parents because the named persons scheme will have fed all their details into the big computer.

Specially trained neighbourhood spies, known as child officers, will have powers to snatch children off the street if they are known to be part of a family that has exceeded its fecundity limit. Then we can all have a jolly “safe, healthy and rewarding” time.