Waterloo Road fantasy storyline

Carlotta's Dare to Know blog entry today effectively takes apart the ludicrous (fairy) storyline about 'forced' home education in last night's Waterloo Road. (This is a soap opera about an English school that isn't as cool as Grange Hill was).

The BBC (known north of the border as the EBC) is of course renowned for its anti home education stance and had to be taken to task by MSPs in Scotland for attempting to link the murder of Danielle Reid in Inverness to home education (Danielle was never home educated and her tragic death was the result of multi agency inaction). Their motto appears to be "just make it up" to boost viewing figures - and why not stigmatise a minority group at the same time?

We could always suggest a more plausible storyline about abusive teachers, which is statistically far more likely than this oxymoronic story about alleged forced home education. It's an incredible (as in "we don't believe it") coincidence, given the current home ed review and government propoganda which accompanied its announcement.

My motto: "don't subsidise these parasites by paying for a TV licence and use the 'puter instead."

If you have time to waste, you can complain to the BBC here.
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