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Elaine Kirk

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I am copy pasting from another list .


please alert all people that may be involved.

I had a letter asking me to take part in a Health survey for Wales. It
said that a survey company would be contacting me to arrange an
interviewee to come to my house and conduct a quick survey to discuss my
views of health services in Wales and to take note of the health of
Welsh residents. I am always happy to help others and was therefore
more than happy to speak to the lady who came round. HOWEVER.

The 'survey' involves a health visitor, who will not only ask me very
specific health details but will also weigh, measure and assess my
child's health. They said that if my child was not present at the time
of the interview they could come back at a later time.-They will attend
at the same time as the survey personnel and it could involve a medical
examination of my child - if deemed necessary for the purposes of the

This is a completely voluntary survey. However, it would appear that
several other home-educating families in the area have had the letter.
In a small village of about 76 residents there are about 3 home
educating families. Given that the survey literature quotes a 1 in a
100 random address survey, it seems spurious that all 3 families have
had the letter.

I would be interested to find out if any other home-educating families
have had the letter. I am afraid that my instinct is to decline to be
surveyed. My worry is that if I refuse it could indicate that I have
something to hide. If the purpose of the survey is to find out the
state of health of the Welsh population, surely this could be done from
doctor's files. I am afraid that I have a very uncomfortable feeling
about it all.

Do get in touch with others to alert them to this. The literature that
is sent out in the letter does not indicate anything about children
being weighed, measured and assessed and I think we should think very
carefully about allowing health professionals into our home


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I've just emailed the contact given on this webpage:

Hello Anne
I run a yahoo group for parents in South-West-Wales and I am seeing emails complaining about the survey. Parents say they are being forced to present their children for weighing/measuring/medical exam and are finding this extremely intrusive. One parent says that the 3 page letter she recieved implies that refusal to take part will be interpreted as an indication that she is abusing her children.

I'd be grateful if you would forward a copy of the letter being sent out to parents and perhaps explain to me why this information is wanted, by whom and for what purpose it will be used so that I can pass that information on. If you would care to comment on the fact that this voluntary survey is being presented as mandatory or if you have anything to say to parents to confirm that they can of course opt out without any record being made of the fact or any interpretations being made of it, I will be happy to pass your comments on. How does the survey access the contact details of the parents in the first place? There have been accusations that members of a minority have been singled out for surveying. Would you care to comment on how names are selected?

If parents are unhappy, whom should they contact?
Does the survey comply with the data protection act?


This is a shocking and disgraceful development.

Wasn't there once a 'children's rights' group that used to challenge such abuses? Or did they just get annexed by the system like all the others?

Sheila Struthers

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That would be Arch noschool. Definitely a grassroots org when set up - now just another a government puppet - allbeit through lack of new action. How this has happened,I'm not quite sure but think it was round about the time they got into bed with Liberty et al...

I'm the first person to criticise home edders for not looking at the bigger picture but think it is relevant that founder member and now EO's pet barrister Ian Dowty, who has been doing his best to betray home educators, is company secretary.

once upon a time, Arch were a real and frighteningly effective force for good :rant::rant::rant:


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don't they just check the doctors records? Oh, you mean personal medical files? What? You don't have to or want to submit to a routine exam (not vaccinations) because that would violate your personal rights, yet you would rather them just look up & read your medical reports? Okay... I won't submit my daughter to any unnecessary vaccinations, but would be happy for her to have a free vision, hearing, weight etc. She's actually had a number of those this year because of her broken arm. But I think it would be outrageous for anyone to show up at my door & expect to run the test. Here, for entry to private home education "umbrella schools" you sometimes need an updated health form.