Treating Children as Lab Rats


Treating Children as Lab Rats (Robin Phillips, Salvo)

The philosophy behind Common Core goes back to one of the greatest educational reformers of the twentieth-century, the pragmatic psychologist B.F. Skinner (1904-1990). Skinner took the factory mindset of American pragmatism and applied it to school children, dehumanizing them in the process. Skinner was to the classroom what Frederick Winslow Taylor had been to the factory.

Skinner is famous for inventing the prototype of the Skinner Box, an operant conditioning chamber to study animal behavior. But Skinner didn’t stop at rats and mice: he wanted to take what he learned from rodents and apply it to the education of American school children.
The same principles that applied to teaching children also applied to animals, leading Skinner to boast “I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule.”
In his books Beyond Freedom and Dignity and Waldon Two, Skinner suggested what an ideal society could look like given the right educational and environmental conditioning. Significantly, it is one in which all citizens, having recognized the terrible cost of freedom, voluntarily submit to collectivist measures (including population control) for the greater good of society.
In laying out their standards, the architects of Common Core have spoken candidly about what they see the goal of education to be, and it is not education at all, but training. What our elites want from the next generation is not better humans but better workers, and Common Core offers the environmental conditioning for achieving this.
As Emmett McGroarty and Jane Robbins warned on the Catholic Vote website, Common Core “is a workforce-development scheme that treats the individual as human capital, to be shepherded where needed in aid of a centralized, corporatist economy. Schools are factories where children are trained, and the teachers are their supervisors.”
For #CommonCore read (Scotand's) #CfE #GIRFEC #SHANARRI "programming students to become [..} citizens that would help contribute to a better society, conceived in collectivist terms".

...the goal of education is not education at all, but training...not better humans but better workers. #CommonCore (#GIRFEC #CfE) offers the environmental conditioning for achieving this.

Scottish government's#bestplacetogrowup mantra means the creation #labratnation where voluntary submission to collectivist outcomes via #earlyintervention is achieved. And they don't tolerate dissent, even after losing in the Supreme Court!