Traveling homeschoolers looking for local meetups

Greetings! My nine-year-old daughter and I will be traveling to Scotland (probably focusing on Western Scotland: Argyll and the Isle of Mull) in September and October and would very much like to meet up with local homeschoolers. We hail from the Tampa Bay area in Florida (U.S.A.) and tend toward the secular and unschoolish -- though we enjoy friends of all persuasions.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you can direct me to local support groups or just think it'd be fun to show us some of the great sites where you live.

Thanks for your time and attention!
Mary Anne Campbell
Hello Mary Anne,

Unfortunately we are nowhere near your destination, but I wanted to say welcome to the forum and I hope you meet up with lots of people and have a great time while you're here. Bring lots of warm clothes! Hope you have a lot of fun. :)