Tradesmen encouraged to report child abuse or neglect


First it was the taxi drivers, now it's the plumbers who are being trained to snoop on families.

Tradesmen encouraged to report child abuse or neglect

Plumbers, tradesmen and builders on the Isle of Wight are being urged to sign up to innovative new NSPCC training to help them spot children at risk of abuse and neglect.
The safeguarding training, which covers all types of abuse, also provides them with guidance on who to tell if they have concerns about the wellbeing of a child they come across while working in or around customer’s homes.
Except wellbeing is a subjective notion which has no legal definition or agreed interpretation - just a state-dictated checklist comprising hundreds of 'risk' indicators that include being under 5, having a disability or declining optional 'services'. The relevant threshold for interference with others' rights to live their lives as they see fit is (likely) risk of significant harm, not an NSPCC template of approved family life.

And while the local builder is being trained by the NSPCC to snoop on families, whistleblowers have been silenced in Telford.

Who do concerned members of the public contact to report abusive, neglectful, exploitative school teachers and NSPCC workers who do nothing to prevent this sort of thing in so-called care settings?

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