Three Bricks: The Named Person Scheme and Learned Helplessness


Excellent post from the fabulous Making Clay blog by Lynn: Three Bricks: The Named Person Scheme and Learned Helplessness

I chose freedom for my children. Given another opportunity I would choose it once more for my country. But this piece of SNP legislation is wrong. In attempting to create a wonderful place to grow up, the government are insinuating incompetence and visiting suspicion on every parent in the land. They are growing the reach of the state to alarming proportions. I hope they have the courage to listen and to alter their plans.

The best possible society needs divergent thinkers, creative minds and people who are willing to strike against the grain. It takes courage to move in a fresh direction and it’s the pushing of boundaries which grows a society, an economy and a country. It’s those creative folk in the margins who often shape the possibilities for others. Disagreeing with the norms of a society and disagreeing with the government’s agenda are fundamental freedoms. Telling a busybody to piss off should never be a hanging offence. A child was never abused by being encouraged to question and criticize their elders. This blind acceptance of flawed legislation is worrying. A Named Person might be there to drill their formulaic, tick-boxed charges into stacking the three bricks of state care, measurability and conformity, but I’m far more ambitious for my children – and the society they’ll live in.