The Scottish experiment


Chilling stuff reported by Alice.

The Scottish experiment

Sir Harry Burns ,who was Chief Medical Officer for eight years, left the Scottish Government in 2014 to become Professor of Global Public Health at the University of Strathclyde. He is very enthusiastic about early intervention and prevention.
According to this view, all Scotland`s woes and inequalities are due to their negligent parenting. No wonder he thinks all children in Scotland need a Named Person !
He goes on to say: "We`re on the verge in Scotland of having a very complex linked dataset that will allow us to detect, I hope, the pattern of social pressure in homes that might lead to significant adverse events. Are you ready for that?"

"Are you beginning to think how you might respond to that ?"

"Because this is children`s lives we`re talking about; not just deaths of children in childhood but the way in which they live their lives thereafter. And beginning to plot it all; beginning to use intelligence to protect abuse and neglect we need to up our game in the course of the next year or two."

As he said at the beginning of his speech: "It`s become clear to me that the kind of insights that you`re gathering...the approaches that you`re developing - actually the rest of the world needs them."

The Rest of the World be warned.
The boys from Sham69 Got It Right in '78 and are still going strong.

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