The rise in home education – and 8 other things about pupils outside mainstream


TES reports on The rise in home education – and eight other things we learned today about pupils outside mainstream schools

The number of pupils at risk of exclusion being educated at home has risen dramatically in some areas
There has been a huge rise in home education among pupils at risk of exclusion, with increasing numbers choosing this rather than alternative provision, MPs heard today.

David Whitaker, executive principal of the Barnsley-based Springwell Special Academy and Springwell Alternative Academy, said that the number of children on the home-education register in his local authority had risen from 60 to 300 in the last three years.
The law of unintended consequences is kicking in, whereby schools seek to get rid of 'problem' pupils through off-rolling them by fair means or foul.

The government's solution to the problem it created? Regulate home education and informal settings and get them all (back) into the state indoctrination workhouse.