The Legal Kidnapping of a Child


More on the Swedish state kidnapping of Domenic Johansson.

The Legal Kidnapping of a Child

On June 2009 the Swedish police boarded an airplane bound for India. They had no warrant or reasonable cause to assume that a crime had been or would be committed. Still, they arrested Christer Johansson and his Indian wife Annie and seized their seven-year-old son Domenic. Over the last two years the couple has been allowed to visit the child only one hour every five weeks and never on Christmas – the Swedish government workers are on vacation and can’t be bothered.

So what is their "crime"? Homeschooling.
This is an appalling case - and all the more shocking that it emanates from Sweden, many aspects of whose society are to be admired. The current surprisingly-right-wing government seems to be completely anti-hs but there are so few home edders that they are an easy target. It would be good if someone took the government to the European Court of Human Rights over this.

Scandinavia has some black holes and not all can be attributed to one-off horrors like Breivik. [And why do the BBC keep pronouncing 'Anders' as something akin to 'Anash'?]