The GIRFEC Files


New HEF blog post: The GIRFEC Files

As direct result of the CHYP legislation, small organisations such as Schooolhouse and the Tymes Trust report being overwhelmed with GIRFEC and Named Person related enquiries. Most parents are only just finding out about the government’s plans for their distinctly non vulnerable children, including those who had to be withdrawn from school for their own protection. State sponsored ‘services’ now speak only the language of SHANARRI, since group-think has replaced professionalism and common sense, and parenting has become defined as a problem to be solved. Snooping and interfering in ordinary families’ private lives pays the ‘children’s workforce’ pretty handsomely, of course, and is a lot cushier than real child protection work (which is something else entirely).
GIRFEC, along with its CfE spawn, is all about stealing personal data for measuring the worth (or otherwise) of every human life. Dissenters and those who don’t meet their state dictated well-behaving outcomes will find themselves sanctioned and/or forcibly remediated into conformity. Welfare reforms are carved out of the self same policy stone.