The A-Z of Scots Education Law


Consumer Focus Scotland has produced a third edition of the popular reference bookThe A-Z of Scots Education Law.

The book tells parents about their legal responsibilities and rights over across a wide range of issues concerning their children’s education. It also makes plain what education authorities and schools must do, and what they needn’t do, to meet their legal obligations.

The third edition of The A-Z of Scots Education Lawby Sandra McGuire and Iain Nisbetcis published by The Stationery Office, price £6.99. It can be obtained by contacting TSO directly on 0870 606 5566 or from its online bookstore.

The third edition is fully updated to include changes in policy and practice and new legislation including the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement). Act 2006.

Questions the book answers include:

* Can you be forced to send your child to school?
* Do you have any choice of school?
* Do you have any educational rights if your child is looked after by the local authority?
* What legal rights do school pupils have?
* Must certain things be taught at school?
* Can your child be made to wear school uniform?
* What punishment can schools give to your child?
* Are schools allowed to charge you for anything?
* Can you insist on homework being given?
* What sort of information about schools are you entitled to?
* How much responsibility do schools have for your child’s safety?
* Is there anything education authorities must do before they are allowed to close down a school?
* What can happen if the school rules are disobeyed?
* What is your legal position when teachers go on strike?

And many more!

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This is an excellent reference book, IMO, which makes interesting reading. Particularly when reading about what schools are *supposed* to do!


"what schools are *supposed* to do!"

Well they don't. so isn't this a basis for a law suit? After all, the taxpayers money is being spent on the dysfunctional system, and there is the question of 'misappropriation of funds'.