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Please use this sticky thread to post links to resources you have found useful for Technology. It would be helpful if you could add comments regarding age and stage suitability.

Sheila Struthers

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Video Game Studio 2-day intensive workshop

Have booked Dthen in for the 12th/13th

Could you develop the next Grand Theft Auto? If you dream of a career in games development, this workshop – run by the renowned games design competition, Dare to be Digital – is the one for you. With presentations from industry professionals see behind the scenes of how a video game is created, what technology is involved and what the different development roles are. Work in a team to create your own characters, try out some of the current technology and produce a small piece of animated video game to take home with you. This fantastic 2 day workshop will allow you to gain first-hand experience of video games creation and learn skills that are key to success in the video games industry.

There is a canteen onsite where meals and refreshments can be purchased.

Ages 12 -16
9am - 4pm

Presented in Partnership with the Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education at Abertay University

Sheila Struthers

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Technology and computing skill ebooks

I was sent this link and thought it might interest some of you.

The ebooks are 10 Canadian dollars each - £6.39 at present exchange rates.

Sheila Struthers

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Dare ProtoPlay in Edinburgh 2010 NOW!

Sorry, should have posted this earlier but it is on tomorrow and the next day and will hopefully be back again next year.

We went today :D

All free except the videa games workshop.

We booked tickets for the talks that D was interested in (I did understand some of it!) and needn't have bothered, however expect the weekend will be busier so I'd advise booking (free) as it is quite a small presentation area.

Elaine Kirk

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Stanford for Everyone: More Than 120,000 Enroll in Free Classes
From .
Professor Sebastian Thrun has given his lecture on artificial intelligence at Stanford University more than once. He knows that a lot of students are interested in his introductory course – almost 200 students have showed up in past years. But this fall, it will be different, even for him. There will be more than 100,000 students from all around the world who will listen to him – online.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is one of three classes that the Stanford computer science department will offer as a free online course this fall. As of yesterday, more than 124,000 people had enrolled: high school students, professionals and retirees from North and South America, Europe and Africa.
Grovo - internet how to

This looks useful R

"Last year, New York City-based Grovo raised a round of funding with an honorable, if not lofty pursuit for all the web novices out there. Grovo was looking to become “the field guide to the Internet,” as much as there could be such a thing; in other words, the startup was building an online education and training platform to enable Web users to find and learn how to use the Web’s most-frequented sites (and vice versa) — beginning with sites like Twitter, Mint, and Amazon."