Teaching about money/finance/investment


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Hi All,

I wondered if any of you actively include any teaching about money in your home-schooling? Did you use any resources to incorporate it, or just your own knowledge? What has worked best for you? Does anyone follow any form of 'syllabus' or where there any really helpful books?

Schools not teaching kids about finance and other real-life skills was one of my major motivators. My daughter is only 3 so I have a way to go yet, but want to learn more about what you teach your 5+ kids, so I am prepared! Am I the only one who worries about this?

I just use my own knowledge and build on that with my son. I think money means different things to different people. I'm very anti-corporate, anti-tax avoidance, anti big business squeezing out small business and so on, so my approach would be very different to someone who thinks making a million before they're twelve is what they should aspire to.


Money is part of life, and home educators learn about life.

My father, although not a home educator, took me to a bank to put in my pocket money. From then he would discuss his salary and how he put money aside for bills and outgoings. He also chatted about mortgages, and told me about how poor his parents were and how they were careful with money.

All of it went in, and, later, I started researching money and economics and finances. Then, when my two girls began home educating, we would discuss all kinds of topics, one of them was money.

My eldest is now at university and is careful and sensible with her money so I think conversation is such a powerful teacher.