Teacher faces sack after ‘taking unhealthy interest’ in teens


This named person (deputy head teacher with responsibility for child protection) has been convicted of lewd and libidinous behaviour.

Teacher faces sack after ‘taking unhealthy interest’ in teens

A SENIOR teacher who quizzed two under-age schoolgirls about their sex lives has been convicted of making indecent remarks to children and placed on the sex offenders’ register.

Finding deputy head Kenneth Boal, guilty of two sexual offences, a sheriff told him he had been “taking an unhealthy interest” in the two teenagers.

One of the girls gave evidence that Boal – who was in charge of child protection at a West Lothian secondary school – told her he was “getting excited” talking to her. She said she heard him tell her: “I need to take a cold shower now.”

The student, who was 15 years old at the time, said Boal remarked that her partner was a lucky man. He inquired if she was having oral sex and demanded to know: “Do you enjoy it?”
His questions were not in fact dissimilar to those asked of children in GIFREC 'wellbeing' school surveys that parents knew nothing about.

This article, first published in the Scottish Review, outlined some of the intrusive questions asked of school pupils in Perth and Kinross.

Nine year olds were asked if they had smoked cannabis, if they felt they were a failure and if they felt that sometimes they could not go on.

Fourteen year olds were asked if in the past 30 days they had anal or vaginal sexual intercourse. They were also asked if they had ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

All children regardless of age were asked for their perception of the wealth of their family, how many people lived in their home, the relationship of those people to them, and their perception of the seriousness of family arguments.
Given some of the other revelations about children being asked highly personal questions by school staff, maybe GIRFEC itself is a lewd and libidinous policy?


Deputy head teacher ‘pried into pupils’ sex lives’

Named person sex offender sentenced.

Deputy head teacher ‘pried into pupils’ sex lives’

Although he was deputy head in charge of child protection at a West Lothian secondary, Boal ignored all the guidelines about telling other members of staff about the girls’ sexual activity, the court heard.

He was found guilty after trial of two offences of lewd and libidinous practices and behaviour against the two girls while they were under 16 and in his care.
Passing sentence today, trial judge Sheriff Peter Hammond told Boal the offences had spanned a period of almost two years at a time when he was entrusted with the pupils’ safety, guidance and protection.

He said: “Over a sustained period of time you sought out both of the girls concerned for regular and repeated private meetings at the school. “At these meetings, under the guise of concern for their welfare and giving personal welfare advice*, you cynically pried into their private lives and made intrusive and disturbing inquiries of them and remarks at them about sexual matters which were none of your business. “You did so, apparently, for your own sexual gratification.
* Named person job description.

You repeatedly ignored child protection school guidelines of which you of all people should have been aware by meeting these girls in closed rooms on their own without any other person being present.”

“The girls found these conversational lines disgusting and inappropriate and said that they made them feel ‘dirty’ and ‘upset’. One of the girls in particular said that your behaviour affected her self esteem in of her life.”
He placed Boal on probation for 18 months with a special condition that he has no unsupervised contact with young children or young people under the age of 17 years during that time. He also ordered that Boal’s name remains on the sex offenders’ register for 18 months and ordered him to do 220 hours of unpaid work in the community. Finally Sheriff Hammond told the accused that he had to pay compensation of £1000.00 in respect of each of his victims. Boal was granted for 28 days to pay.