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I am swithering whether to remove my 3 sons (5,8,9) from primary school to Home educate them. I imagine my questions and dounbtz are the same as many parents in my position. My oldest son enjoys school most of the time but is in a year group which is very competitive and he feels constantly under pressure. My 8 year old is gifted in many ways, artistically and intellectually and find school boring. He is not pushed and is still coming home with homework way below the level he should be working at. My youngest goes to school but doesn’t enjoy it and would rather be at home playing!

I was a university lecturer but now a stay at home mum with no plans to go back to work. I feel I would cope with them all at home and keep going over and over what opportunities we could have as a group to learn and spend time together.

The school they attend does not have a large turnover of staff and I believe many are bored with their work and it reflects poorly on the way children and parents are treated. I have heard so many negative snipes at children from staff and sometimes it really is a horrible environment to be in. We don’t have an alternative school nearby.

My main worries are missing secondary education and trying to secure a place at university, socialisation and the children being looked on as ‘odd’ (sorry I cannot think of another way to put it) by their peers. My husband works away a lot but is very supportive. He is happy for us to home educate but says the final decision must be mine as it will be me who will have the main responsibility for their education. I don’t want to make the wrong decision which may have a huge impact on their future.

Thank you very much for reading.


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I hope that you take some time to look around this forum for ideas and others experiences of HE.

My experience is some similarities to you, and despite some doubts on whether we would manage, and the children would learn enough, here we are a few years later, and wishing that we had done this sooner.

Yes there are challenges, but aren't there challenges in everyday life? Children are young for such a short time, and to have the chance to watch them grow and evolve each day, is so so precious.

Please let us know how your 'swithering' is going :becky:


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Thank you

Hello Blizzard

Thank you very much for your reply I really appreciate it. I’m now at the point of having written my letter to the education officer to remove the children from school. I had a really good conversation with the officer. He seemed very supportive and explained his role and what support and advice I could expect from him. Since then I’ve actually felt less anxious about making the final decision as I really feel it would be the best decision for us. I’ve asked each of the children individually what they would miss about school and their replies all consisted of the names of friends. I’m hopeful the children could maintain most of their friendships.

I’m having a few more days thought and if I still feel like this I’ll post the letter. I’ve not mentioned our plans to my parents, my in laws or my friends, as when I have in the past they only seemed to have negative things to say about home education, I’m waiting until I post the letter in the hope I won’t be dissuaded!

Many thanks again