Subrosa Gets It Right: State mandatory parenting


Subrosa gets it right (again): State Mandatory Parenting

During an evening out with friends the other week, the conversation turned to grandchildren and I mentioned this horrendous policy. Nobody believed that the SNP government would overreact to the need to care for vulnerable children in such a draconian manner. They do believe it now as I provided all the information via the wonder of email and are spreading the word. All said they would never have voted SNP at the General Election if they’d known their grandchildren were being treated as ‘wards of the state’ - an apt description I thought.
Although it was not originally an SNP policy (Tony Blair was the perpetrator), the present SNP Scottish Govt has to carry the blame for pushing it through and bribing and/or bullying opponents into submission. It didn't work with the smaller independent third sector organisations, who don't serve the state before their communities of interest, and it doesn't wash with parents once they realise what it's all about.

Alice has also covered this: The Disabling State

All of this reveals the effort that has gone into bureaucracy to create the means of gathering as much information as possible from children and their families - in the name of children`s wellbeing. As well as the privacy concerns there are issues of state control.

Lesley Scott pointed out that the guidance on measuring outcomes that link to the healthy wellbeing indicator is that the child and young person, parents and carers are compliant with treatment for any illnesses, diseases, chronic conditions and impairments.

It is important to stop here in order to absorb that information. Named Persons and other professionals are being guided that children and families are COMPLIANT with any proposed treatment for ANYTHING.

As if all of that was not frightening enough, David Scott in conversation with Brian Gerrish argued that the named person scheme is merely one small part of the transformational change being planned in Scotland.