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Sheila Struthers

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Yes, I'm angry and I'd be happy to join any protest Tayside parents organise. My worry is that it's too late and future children will never know the delights of childhood. Why are these people interested in the sexual habits of 14 - 16 year olds? Do they really think girls of that age will tell the truth in a questionnaire?

Of course girls of 14-16 are much more sexually aware and active than they were 50 years ago, but does the local council have any right to interfere to this degree?

Note that the Evidence2Success survey cost £225,000. A disgraceful waste of money which could be spent on educating our children about responsibility in life.

If it is essential for our health service to have this type of information, it would be much more appropriate - and hopefully receive more candid replies - if they asked adults in the 21 - 25 age group. Maybe they're too aware that adults would give them short shrift.

Elaine Kirk

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This is evidence2success and girfec are being implemented at the same time ??? Have PKC dropped girfec perchance ??? Reading this PKC download it is quite clear that this new initiative which actually was spawned in 2006 is implemented from early years and is based on easy intervention .

Sheila Struthers

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The labels don't matter Elaine. And trying to keep up with the interconnected maze of organisations pushing for this across the world is dizzying.

It all makes a bit more sense when seen in the light of the brave new "evidence-based" system the world is headed for.

Scientifically run by "experts" :peep:

Measurung "wellbeing" means measuring everything...

One of the first experts to welcome the report was the secretary general of the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development, Angel Gurria, who said that his body was ready to help create a new array of indicators.

"Economic resources are not all that matter in people’s lives," he said.

"We need better measures of people's expectations and levels of satisfaction, of how they spend their time ... and we need to broaden the range of assets that we consider important to sustain our well-being."

The report recommends GDP growth be used simply to measure market activity and that new systems take into account environmental health, safety and education -- what Bhutan already calls its "Gross National Happiness."

Countries should publish an annual report, much like a corporation does, and the figures given should include measures of household buying power and of inequality between genders, age groups and social classes, the report said.

This data should be recorded in such a way as to enable policy makers to evaluate the population's level of "well-being" and make plans to increase it.

Elaine Kirk

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I notice that using opt-out is now the default option amongst children's services which begs the question - if children are assumed to know that they do not have to respond to personal questions asked of them by schools, nhs, paedophiles, etc and that they have the right to just say NO- if children are assumed to be so aware of their rights and implied consent is now the norm as a result- then why the duck are taxpayer millions being handed out to the children's rights brigade aka children's services as it is obvious children are totally savvy 're their rights .
Children's services are insidious and parents need to wake up and start fighting back children have the right to enjoy childhood and to allow the state to influence young minds is a dangerous failure on the part of parents to protect .