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South Lanarkshire Council home education policy

Guide for parents (pdf)

Educating your child at home

As a parent you are your child's first teacher and this continues even once they start school.

While most children will attend school for their education, you may wish your child to be educated at home. You are within your rights to make this request and we have a duty to respond to you.

Agreement is on the basis that the lessons you plan will be suitable for the child's age, aptitude and ability, and for any additional needs your child may have.

If you decide to teach your child at home, a member of our Education Resources staff will meet you* to:

confirm your intention and reasons
discuss your legal obligations
outline our duties and requirements
notify you of appropriate school places
advise you of the help available to you
get written confirmation of your intentions
evaluate your education plan.

Discussions will include the possibility of arranging for a Quality Improvement Officer to visit to help you plan.** This will be followed up with an annual review.

We will let you know if your plans are suitable. If not the Quality Improvement Officer will discuss possible areas for improvement. If these improvements are not made then we may arrange for the child to attend school.***
* You are under no obligation to meet.

** You are under no obligation to agree to any visit.

*** Consent may not be unreasonably withheld (e.g by imposing unlawful/unreasonable conditions) and a school attendance order will be required to force a child back to school. As a compulsory measure, this necessitates evidence of parental failure to educate according to the individual child's age, aptitude and ability (a standard that appears not to apply to council schools).


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