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If you have you any comments or updates on South Ayrshire Council's home education policy and/or practice, please post in this thread.

South Ayrshire Council home education policy

Link also provided to national guidance

Educating your child at home

Every child has a right to an education, and it is the duty of the parent of every school age child to provide that education, either by sending the child to school, or by other means. Home education is a key aspect of parental choice, and is an equally valid choice alongside the option to send a child to school.

Each individual enquiry about home education, request to withdraw a child from school, or contact between a local authority and a home educating family will be dealt with fairly, consistently, timeously and accurately as possible.

Gary Hoey, Ian Leishman or Scott Mulholland on 01292 612602 or email


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Advice Please - How do I reply to this email from SAC


I have made a formal request for consent to withdraw my son from a SAC primary school. I have previously informed them that a home visit will not be required. I sent an updated plan as requested as today I have received this response. I would like to know how to word my response to the points regarding 'required' to have my son's views and the completing of 'checks'. My assumption is that the child's views are 'not required' but I will submit them via email. As for the checks I am assuming any checks must be restricted to our son and not the extended family.



'Thank you for the updated plan. Having reviewed it, I am certain that it will provide a good experience for Thomas.

In order to complete your request to remove Thomas from the roll of the school, I require to ascertain Thomas’s views on his plan and his views regarding being educated at home. I will also conduct checks with other agencies. To gather Thomas’s views, I could visit him at home or alternatively, you can provide them via email.

In terms of the local authority offering support to home schooling families, where there are no statutory duties, we do not provide anything other than quality assurance of the education plan on an annual basis. In the past, I have written a letter stating that a child is being educated at home and parents have used that to gain access to places at discounted rates.'