Smile or Cringe?

Upon leaving a local shop:

Shop assistant:

“Shouldn’t you be at school today?”

5 year old Daughter:

“No thanks. Only people that cannot have private education have to do that. Byeee.”


I'll sticky this thread so that we can add examples of reactions to the "No school today then?" comment.

After my son left school, he used to pass the playground and swap Pokemon cards (they were big at the time) with the inmates. On one occasion I was chatting a few yards away when I heard a booming teachery voice demand "Why aren't you in school, boy?", to which D's incarcerated mate replied "He's too clever to go to school, miss."

He's still quite a smart cookie at the age of 21. :)
Tip for German (illegal) Homeschoolers:
Policeman: "Why are you not in school?"
Free child: "I go to school in Scotland, they have long holidays!"
My 3yo keeps saying, out of the blue, to strangers;

"I don't need to go to nursery, I can stay with my mummy and daddy and play ALL DAY!" :D

Whenever we go past a school, she says "poor children!"

...I think I need a talk with her about discretion!