Shovelling fog

Schoolhouse comment: Shovelling FOG
...a veritable pattern seems to have emerged whereby parents ask straightforward questions, only to be told that they are too stupid to understand what’s good for their own children by the now established cult of GIRFEC worshippers. Despite repetitively chanting the same early interference ‘wellbeing’ mantra, which has no solid evidence base and has already been seen to cause serious harm to children in the Isle of Man, they have been bubbled good and proper by ordinary parents who will not allow their children to be sacrificed on the altar of SHANARRI indicators. If they really do care about the wellbeing of every child, it’s high time that teachers, health visitors and the rest of those who are being expected to snoop on behalf of the state refused point blank to defend the indefensible.

Having successfully transformed former public servants into state snitches on the back of anti-family propaganda and a faux children’s rights agenda, duly followed by legislation to drive a wedge between parents and their offspring, the government is is poised to target children directly for any ‘intervention’ they see fit, as we have already seen with the Young Scot card data stealing, the wholly inappropriate Evidence2Success survey in Perth and Kinross and the fingerprinting in schools scandal. Given the vulnerability of children and young people to ‘grooming’ by authority figures and the unquestioning obedience culture which has infected state employees and grant dependants in the third sector, the Milgram experiment should serve to sound loud alarm bells.