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If you have you any comments or updates on Shetland Islands Council's home education policy and/or practice, please post in this thread.

Shetland Islands Council home education policy (dated July 2008)

This council appears to believe parents need consent to home educate when it only applies to withdrawing a school-age child from a council school s/he has attended on one occasion or more (with notable exceptions). That consent may not be unreasonably withheld and is a purely administrative function (See 1980 Act and satutory guidance). They also appear to believe that consent to withdraw a child from one of their schools is conditional upon the parents attending a meeting with a home-link teacher. There is no such obligation in law or guidance, so parents are advised to challenge the misguided belief that this local policy is in accordance with overarching legislation. There is no reasonable excuse for a public body to misrepresent the law.

This is especially disappointing as Shetland used to be one of the best councils to deal with at both primary and secondary level when the designated officer was knowledgeable and experienced.


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