Seeking recommendation for good structured home schooling provider


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Hi there!!

Is anyone using WES (Worldwide Education Services) or Wolsey Hall Oxford Home schooling college to homeschool their children?

We live abroad and move often from one country to another due the nature of our work. These frequent moves have negatively impacted on our son's education. We are now seriously considering homeschooling. We prefer structured (daily lesson plans, assessments, progress reports etc), somehow we stumbled on WES and Wolsey Hall. We would like to choose between the two. We would also greatly appreciate any other better alternative you could recommend. Our son is 10 and in year 6.

Hope to hear from someone soon!

Thank you!


I have no knowledge of either of these options, sorry.

There are ways to create a structure for your child using materials from the Internet.

Doing some research into what the Curriculum is, for your son's age group should be easy, depending on what country you are in.

Find out what Year 6 would be expected to cover in that year, then through downloading materials from the internet or buying educational material, you would create your own Educational environment for your child.

There are options available perhaps to have end of term assessments carried out by an independent tutor, to give feedback on how your son is managing homes education, and they could advise on strengths and weaknesses too, if that is a concern.

Feel free to get in touch any time.


I know people who have used both of these, albeit some years ago. There are now numerous online schools if you want to take that route, but as blizzard says, there are myriad resources available at no or low cost to enable you to plan and tailor your own learning journey.
We bought two IGCSE courses - one from Wolsey Hall and another from Oxford Home Schooling. We sent both back due to the poor quality of the teaching material. One supplied a badly written course book and the other a badly written course. We found much better material second hand on Amazon. So much of what children are taught these days has been dumbed down to suit twenty years of grade inflation.

If you work outwards from the syllabus you can source the best material yourself.

Correspondence courses basically supply tutor marked assignments. I can't comment on the usefulness of these. They will suit some - not others.

What you could consider, being overseas, is tuition via Skype. This is very easy to set up via tutor agencies. We don't travel but employ tutors who do!

Tutors are entirely under your control, are invariably very nice and can be very focused.

I reckon that a suite of lessons for, say, six IGCSE's costs about as much as one term at a good public school if you do the bulk of the study yourself.