SCRs and blame shifting


More attempts at blame shifting in yet another SCR when it was the same old familiar multi agency failure. When will they learn that correlation does not imply causation?

Gill blogs: What I think about the LSCB report into the case of Family W as it relates to the law relating to home education

I think what went wrong with regard to child protection procedures in this case is best summed up in the first two sentences of the BBC report:

The authorities missed opportunities to intervene in the case of a mother who forced her adopted child to impregnate herself so that she could have another child, a serious case review has found.

Social services were contacted four times with concerns before the 17-year-old girl gave birth to a son.
It really could not be clearer that - after the adoptive mother - the local authority is firmly in the hot seat in respect of failures in its duty of care towards these children. Social services alerted on no less than four occasions, and insufficient action taken.

So, what does the Local Safeguarding Children Board do? Use the case to call for a change in the law on home education, in an attempt to shift the blame onto that for its own mistakes.
Not that we haven't heard it all before and put the bile to bed with hard facts:

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