Scottish school nurses resign over plans to change role


Scottish school nurses resign over plans to change role

New school nurse snooping role: never mind consent, dig the #datatheft and #namedperson.

Several school nurses taking part in the pilot projects in Perth and Kinross and Dumfries and Galloway decided to hand in their notice or retire after objecting to their new role.

The details emerged in an official report about the trials published by the Scottish Government, which wants to change the traditional way that school nurses operate.

Under the plans, nurses will take on new responsibilities previously carried out by social workers and mental health specialists rather than focusing on treating the sick and doing vaccination
The official report mentioned in the article can be found here

The overarching aim of the refocus is to ensure that the SN [School Nurse] role and service going forward delivers safe, effective and person-centred care based on the principles of Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) national practice model… Following pre-school review of children with an additional Health Plan Indicator (HPI) at four years of age and handover from the Health Visitor, the SN will reassess those families and children requiring on-going support. Following reassessment, SNs will agree those children and families requiring additional support, intervention or home visit in discussion with the Named Person.
School Nurses will be required to adopt the Getting It Right for Every Child National Practice Model to assess the health and well-being needs of children and young people in conjunction with the Named Person (education) role and other partners providing the health assessment component to the Child’s Plan… The future role will have greater emphasis on home visiting and addressing wider policy and public health priorities, interagency working and partnerships with education and justice.
The school nurses will focus on nine priority areas:

· Mental health and well-being · Substance misuse · Child protection · Domestic abuse · Looked After Children · Homeless children and families · Children known to or at risk of involvement in the Youth Justice System · Young Carers · Transition points