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Please use this sticky thread to post links to resources you have found useful for Science. It would be helpful if you could add comments regarding age and stage suitability.
Science book 8+

We purchased a book called Science by Miles Kelly, its recommended for Age 8+. (From TK Maxx for 4.99)

It cover Materials & Chemicals, Energy Force & Motion, Electricity & Magnetism, Frontiers of Science and Technology.

It has 2 posters one of a timeline of discovery, the other showing how science can help to save the planet.

It also has Hands-On Science step-by-step experiment cards inside, that cover Acid Colours, Rainbow Water, Swelling Gases, Jewel Factory and Jet Powered Car.

It has been very useful and good fun!


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Sensations science centre in Dundee was always our favourite. Maybe it was coincidence, but whenever we visited there was loads of hands on things to do, suitable for tots to grandparents. And very interesting they were too! I know others love Dynamic Earth, but for me there's a bit too much floor wobbling and ceiling spinning. If I ever go back, I'll take motion sickness pills first! :rofl:

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Chile earthquake - Tsunami tracker

The tsunami generated by todays earthquake in Chile can be followed
here Best for Children as position pinpointed on map, with more details given here
The World clock is here

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amazing facts to blow your mind

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I got to April before I realised I'm going to need a diary if I'm ever going to know where I have to be and what I have to be doing and when. The one my husband got me for my birthday last year is so gloriously full of blank pages for notes and scribbles that I've been using it just as a notebook, and I'm already up to August, so I need a new one. I got one last week, pretty much the last one in the shop, which happily happens to be the Natural History Museum one. It's fab.

Bats can be excellent midwives. An inexperienced mother-to-be was helped by a female roost mate who fanned her, appeared to give her instructions and, after birth, helped move the pup into a suckling position.

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Briantspuddle Garden Wildlife


Great site here it is a diary of a garden with beautiful insect (moths, bees etc) photo's and the fact it is set out as a diary makes it ideal to know what to look for .
18 April : The first Willow Warblers and a Tree Pipit overhead showed that migration was slowly under way this morning, but still no sign of many summer visitors. Local insects on the other hand are enjoying the fine weather, and there are plenty of butterflies, hoverflies, and above all a variety of bees on the wing. More bees to bee do bee do...

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Nesjavellir Power Plant, Iceland
This is an online viewable or download + print book(let) about this geothermal power plant from conception to completion . It is packed with so much information on geology, power production etc etc
The earth is divided into layers with
the crust, or lithosphere, being outermost,
the mantle in the middle and the core innermost.
Together the lithosphere and mantle
form separate plates that move relative to
each other. Because of streams of material
beneath the mantle, the plates are moved
either away from or toward each other.
Where they move apart, magma flows
upward forming new material in the earth’s
crust, but where the plates move together,
they thicken and form fold-mountains. If
one plate moves under another, a deep-sea
trench is formed.
The Kingfisher Science Library , usually about a tenner for 10 is very good.

Simon Basher;s Physics, Biology and The Periodic table books , also Kingfisher are good

Very "exam orientated" are the CPG books

but I found the geography one quite readable.


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A very interesting piece on the volcano's of Mars .
Deposits of volcanic ash colour this view of the Meridiani Planum, captured by High-Resolution Stereo Camera on the Mars Express orbiter operated by the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR). The images give clues on the prevailing wind direction in this region of Mars.