Schools may be a cover for institutional child abuse

Schools may be a cover for institutional child abuse, sexual exploitation and servitude

Review of state schooling system announced amidst growing concerns for pupil safety

Thousands of children in England who are supposedly educated at school by teachers are at risk of abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation and servitude, according to the home educating community.

Baroness Morgan, the Children's Minister, is being pressed to order an immediate public inquiry into the schooling system, which not only fails to educate a significant number of children but also fails to ensure their personal safety in the classroom. She is further being urged to launch an inquiry into the shocking failure of the state to ensure acceptable outcomes for its “looked after” children who don’t appear to matter a jot.

Demands for a government inquiry, which have so far fallen on deaf ears, follow mounting concern from parents that their overarching duty to promote and protect their children’s welfare is being undermined by the present erroneous assumption that state schools provide a suitable education. Parents argue that the role of local authorities should be to take appropriate action if their child is not getting a “suitable” education at school, but since local authorities are manifestly failing to do so, parents are left with no choice but to take direct responsibility for educating their own children (while still paying taxes to maintain failing state schools).

Recent sensational media reports on failing schools have greatly alarmed parents, many of whom argue that they need extra powers to oblige local authorities to protect and safeguard the interests of schooled children in their area. Most parents consider the present system to be “wholly unsatisfactory” and local authority duties to be “open to misinterpretation”.

Parents believe they should have more powers to monitor the quality of education that children are receiving at school, and that a legal duty should be placed on schools and local authorities to promote pupil safety, prevent bullying and abuse and resolve any issues that parents might raise about their child's learning and general wellbeing. Parents are further concerned that there is no definition of what constitutes a suitable school, and propose that “light touch changes” be introduced to allow them to monitor the suitability and efficiency of their child’s teachers, some of whom may be using teaching as a cover for child abuse.

Lady Morgan’s reported concerns that some children may not receiving the education they need are echoed by home educating parents who further believe that that “in some extreme cases, schools could be used as a cover for institutional bullying and abuse.” One parent commented: “We cannot allow this to happen and are committed to doing all we can to help ensure every child is safe and well in publicly funded schools”.

According to research by a home educators’ working group, some parents send their children to school to take advantage of free babysitting without any concern for their education or personal safety, while some teachers are only interested in the long holidays and free school dinners (despite Jamie Oliver’s controversial ban on turkey twizzlers). The group found the school model to be “a forced labour regime, with compulsory testing, homework and unacceptable levels of indoctrination and social engineering” and raised significant concerns about breaches of human rights articles, including the right to privacy. Teenage pregnancy, drug addiction and early criminal activity, including acts of violence, were identified as natural outcomes for many schooled children. Some pupils were also reported to be resorting to school refusal, self harm and, in extreme circumstances, attempted suicide as a result of bullying or unmet special needs.

In the absence of any meaningful government action, the home education community has launched its own independent review of the state schooling system ,which will be conducted by a team of highly experienced, multi talented home educating parents and home educated children. The group will consider measures such as whether all parents should be obliged to educate their own children (unless they provide reasonable excuse to do otherwise) and whether all teachers should submit to regular interviews, psychometric testing, random drug tests and home inspections by parents in order to prevent professionally qualified child abusers slipping through the net. Criminal records checks are clearly not sufficient as they only identify convicted child abusers and not those at risk of becoming child abusers.

The review, which will report in May, is being chaired by Greta Goodfellow HE(Hons), founder of the Home Educators’ Popular Front. Among the measures she will consider is whether all children who go to school are aware of their right to a suitable education and whether all parents are aware of their right to educate their children outside state schools, the majority of which appear to mislead vulnerable families into believing that school attendance is compulsory (presumably to rake in as much public money as possible). She will also make recommendations on a number of more controversial proposals, such as whether parents of schooled children should have powers to insist on the installation of surveillance cameras in every classroom to check on the quality of the education a pupil is receiving and whether teachers should be obliged to register as available for work with their local home education groups or face salary cuts.
"Home Educators’ Popular Front" ???? We're the Popular Home Educators Front!!

Brilliant, it scanned perfectly too. Is this Irdial style?
A 'popular' review of the system may not be as daft an idea as it sounds, given that children are being harmed or "at risk of coming to serious harm" in schools and nothing is being done to prevent it.
I am reliably informed that Greta Goodfellow will shortly be issuing a call for evidence for the upcoming school review.


Well right, you don't get them on the ropes without swinging a few punches.
It is so refreshing to see the HBE community taking the schools to task in this manner, than vice versa, as is so often the case.


The mind boggles...
I had no idea it was such a pastime amongst the profession.
And the list comprises only the busted.

I happen to know (excuse me while I lean on the garden fence) of two public school teachers who only escape being on the list because of some misguided loyalty to the old school tie.
So I guess this harassment is rife.
The last thing kids ever want is trouble.
They learn pretty fast to keep their mouths shut.

A graphic depicting the "risk of coming to serious harm" equating school versus HBE would make an interesting picture.