Schoolhouse condemns ‘ContactPoint Cymru’ proposals

Schoolhouse condemns ‘ContactPoint Cymru’ proposals

Schoolhouse has responded to the Welsh Government’s consultation on proposals to introduce a parent licensing scheme for home educators, describing it as ‘ContactPoint Cymru’ and calling into question the government’s priorities in the current economic climate and in the light of recent revelations about the abuse of ‘looked after’ children in Wales.

Commenting of the proposals, a Schoolhouse spokesperson said:

“We fully support home educating families in Wales in their resistance to these repugnant proposals to create a ‘register’ for a law abiding minority group who choose to take responsibility for their own children’s education.

“Such a measure is a disproportionate reaction to ignorant claims and misinformation about home education, peddled irresponsibly by the usual suspects, when there is absolutely no evidence of any ‘problem’ to be solved.

“Changing the relationship between parents and the state would be a hugely expensive mistake and deeply damaging to families in Wales. We have therefore called upon the Welsh Government to abandon these misguided proposals and focus instead on the pressing problems which are already known to exist within its own schools and care system.”