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Flexischooling in England: what Balls giveth, Gove taketh away

Everyone – even those in the ‘business’ of flexi-schooling, who had collectively been poking the DfE with a big stick and probably over-selling it as the Next Big Thing for education (and especially themselves) – seemed surprised when the Government decided to ban the practice overnight without prior consultation, but what Balls gave (and how unusual was that in itself!), Gove was able to easily take away in a simple cut-and-paste exercise, only keeping the ‘cut’ and omitting the ‘paste’ element.
I want to see the legal advice they got that showed it was against the law. It's ripe for a challenge, a family and headteacher prepared to carry on and not back down. There are so many ways the government could have strangled flexi-schooling, but a straight declaration that it's not legal after so many years is not one of them. They could have had a consultation with a view to changing things through proper channels, declared that funding would be pro-rata to time spent at school (not unreasonable) or just put a lot of paperwork in the way of a school wishing to claim funding. The latter two they could probably have managed without much fuss, instead of the approach they adopted.


I'd like to see how much time and money is being wasted on these consultations and meetings to determine what 'should' in the civil servants' eyes be changed.

As to challenging it, well, who is going to bother when it's more the principle of the thing. By the time your case comes to court your youngster will probably have a family of his/her own, and then there is the cost to the family.

The approach they adopted is, of course, truly despicable and worthy of comment as a triumph in the book of totalitarian dictatorship and actions that forward totalitarianism. (On your local library shelves as we speak!)

I would have thought that from a strictly admin point of view flexischooling is a bigger can of worms for the Gov. than HE


Wesley Cheek

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As I have said elsewhere, flexischooling is not home education by definition. However, what the DfE (England only) now appears to be saying is that there will be no capitation allowance paid unless children attend school full time, when up until now they got the dosh as long as they had a name on the register (full or flexi).

It sounds like a penny pinching exercise, perhaps after the flexischooling adherents started advocating to schools that it would be a nice little full time earner with part time responsibility.


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... what the DfE (England only) now appears to be saying is that there will be no capitation allowance paid unless children attend school full time ...
That's a completely new one to me and I have been following this flexischooling saga for a while.

Have they made some new announcement about not paying the capitation?