School not confirming deregistration date...what to do?

On October 10th I spoke to the headteacher of the primary school my daughter was attending and advised him that I would be home educating our daughter from the next day.

I explained to him that I would be sending a de-registration letter and asked him to confirm the date she would be removed from the school's register. He agreed he would remove her the next day and he suggested to email him, which I did.

I had no written response that week so the week after I went to collect my daughters medication, return her library book and collect some of her work. I asked the office lady if a letter was maybe put by for me but nothing. She did confirm our daughter was removed on the 11th. I explained again that I would like a letter confirming this. She said she would check with the head and contact me...but so far still no response.

Today I sent a letter by signed for post, requesting confirmation of the date she was removed of the register.

On the 10th I also emailed our local council who have a whole Home Education Team in place. They had a form which was obviously all optional but as I have nothing to hide, I completed it and they did contact me by phone to discuss the reasons of why we removed our daughter as another child from the same class was removed that day but to another school. They also discussed for an education welfare officer to meet at a place of our choice etc.

So the LA are aware that our daughter has been removed from school.

Now, what do I do if I don't get a response from the school? Does this cause a problem? I will obviously print off the 'signed for' receipt so I can prove I have contacted them but what more can I do...or should I stop worrying.
If you've sent them a letter that specified a date for removal, it's their problem, not yours. No need to keep pushing them - if they've complied and removed her from the register then fine, if they haven't then they are in breach of the law, not you.


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Bit of a late reply, but I'm having a similar issue. I de-registered 2 weeks ago. I am yet to receive a reply from the school to confirm. I spoke to one of the parents at the school whose son has been told that my son is "on holiday".



Assuming you are in England or Wales and sent the deregistration letter to the school, your child's name should have been removed from the roll and the head teacher should have notified the LA.

Parents should always send deregistration letters by recorded delivery or otherwise obtain a receipt for it from the addressee, and always keep copies of all correspondence.

It might be worth a follow-up letter (recorded) asking for confiration that your child has been deregistered in accordance with your written instruction of xxx (date of your original letter).

N.B. If you are in Scotland, this advice does not apply.