Record numbers of children are now homeschooled, but who’s keeping an eye on the pare


An article so poorly researched the author can't even get the terminology right. He also fails to differentiate between the relevant laws across the UK.

Record numbers of children are now homeschooled <sic>, but who’s keeping an eye on the parents?

This is where a national register of home educated children and the monitoring of their well-being would be a step in the right direction. This would not impose on parental choice, it would simply help to monitor what, can at times be, something of a grey area within the UK education system.
There is no grey area, given that parents are responsible in law for educating their children. Those who are so determined to change the status quo should ask themselves why school pupils are afforded no choice as to the means their parents have decided for their often sub-standard 'education' in often unsafe spaces.

I wonder if this 'academic' has any particular definition of 'well-being' in mind? Or would he just leave it 'notably vague' and open to wide subjective interpretation, like the Scottish Govt tried to do before being stymied by the Supreme Court?