Reading between the lines of the draft guidance



The choices being presented to us are this;

Accept voluntary registration and monitoring and be threatened with school attendance orders and the possibility of losing our children if we don't cooperate to their standards or be forced to through law changes.

Neither is an acceptable option. We should all have the choice to educate in the way that suits our child best, and have contact in a way that suits them best. Whether you choose to accept visits or not. We will ALL be potentially negatively affected by this.

LA actions need to be regulated and monitored more closely to ensure their prejudice does not affect a child's educational journey in a negative way.
Nothing in law currently protects our children from this, nor do the current 2007 guidelines let alone the ones they are suggesting now.
It can and has in some cases, affected their education in a negative manner. In my opinion, the government needs to hear this loud and clear.

Families/Children/Groups who may well be unfairly targeted and/or affected by the guidance/guidelines (whatever the heck they want to call them) aside from home educating families in general....

Some include the opposite scenario, this is because it has been implied that home educators on both sides of that particular point, cannot be educating 'properly' thus showing how subjective an LA person's opinion can be.