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This is a public forum for posts of interest from the Scottish HE Forum, which for several years has been primarily concerned with the the ongoing threats to home education and parenting by the government's interference in the private lives of citizens.

Our private Scottish forum, with archived posts dating back to 1999, can be accessed (by members only) here.

Our popular (and busy!) Facebook community can be found here. When you submit a join request, be sure to indicate the nature of your interest in home education in Scotland. Those with purely professional, research or business interests will not be admitted to our peer support networks, but may post on our public Home Education Forums Facebook page. We can also be found on Twitter @homeedforums.

Useful links:

Chronicles of SHANARRNIA - a chronology of significant events on the road to GIRFEC hellbeing

The Christian Institute and others (Appellants) v The Lord Advocate (Respondent) (Scotland) - commonly known as the Named Person ruling, handed down on 28 July 2016

NO2NP campaign
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