Postcards from the Fringe: Call for Evidence before Action


Join us in putting the I back into SHANARRI at a Fringe event co-hosted by Scottish Home Ed Forum and Tymes Trust for those left excluded and unrepresented by MSPs who failed to protect our human rights and who still don't want to hear from us (or are too feart). :behindsofa:

We're taking the Scottish Parliament's Education & Skills Committee Convener, James Dornan MSP, at his word (see video in first link), but will he deign to meet and greet us on 15 November when we deliver our evidence directly to his door?

Postcards from the Fringe: Call for Evidence before Action

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Postcards from the Fringe update

Submissions have been flooding in to the NP-Fringe website in response to a call for 'evidence on a postcard' in advance of an alternative event in Edinburgh next week, which will give families an opportunty to share their views on the government's latest legislative attempt to salvage its state guardian scheme.

While the parliament's education and skills committee has been hearing from lawyers, service provders and state-funded charities, with only token representation from parents' groups, families themselves have once again been left out in the cold during scrutiny of the Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill.

Panel members for the fringe event have now been confirmed as: Lesley Scott (Tymes Trust), Alison Preuss (Scottish Home Education Forum), Maggie Mellon (independent social worker) and Cameron Munro (former education lawyer). They will ask the audience to respond to a series of questions that have arisen from the postcard submissions and suggest ways forward in the wake of the Supreme Court judgment that upheld families' rights to privacy and data protection.

Following the session, which will be live streamed, a delegation will make its way to the Scottish Parliament to hand deliver the postcards of evidence to the commmittee convener, who has offered to accept it personally after learning of the event via social media.

The deadline for evidence via the website is Monday 13 November. Submissions will be collated for the event which takes place on Wednesday 15 November, from 1pm to 3.30pm, at St Columba's by the Castle Episcopal Church, 14 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2PW.

A delegation will later make its way down the Royal Mile to deliver the evidence, arriving at the Scottish Parliament around 5pm for the handover at 5.15pm. Supporters are welcome.

Places can be booked on the NP-Fringe website: