Pontypridd or Cardiff area?

there's a strong possibility I might be moving to Pontypridd or possibly Cardiff next year as a student. I wondered what the areas are like for home edders?

I've been home edding in England for 14 years and my youngest will be about 13 going on 14 when we move. Thanks for looking.

BWs Elaine
Surely there must be someone from the area on the forums? I can't imagine I'll be the only home edder in what is a very large area.
Im from Cardiff!!
I was a student at Glamorgan until recently and they are great for mature students
There are a couple of home ed groups in Cardiff which mainly cater/are attended by younger children but there are a few older ones too

every other month there is a home learners day at Cardiff museum where they run a series of workshops but their staff are very good with home educating families and are more than happy to make the resources they have available for home educators. They also have an excellent hands on gallery with exibits, books, microscopes and staff to assist should you need it with helping with project work etc

We attend Wise- Up every wednesday in Port talbot( about 40 mins drive from pontypridd/cardiff )which is all day club for home educating families once a week, offering a range of activities for HE families including sports, languages, arts and crafts, Film making and much much more


Hope this is helpful! Feel free to contact me and Im happy to chat to you about the things we do!