Poll: should Named Person legislation be scrapped?


Poll: should Named Person legislation be scrapped?

You'd expect the rentseeking readers of TFN to vote to keep their own salaries and benefits, but public sentiment is fast moving towards scrapping the entire toxic policy.

This comment is especially damning.

I will happily leave Scotland if this 'pedophiles speed dial' comes into force. As a former Police Civilian, I saw the danger straight away - there is enough abuse of the police national database and other files to turn you off trusting the police forever - and my family is filled with former and serving police officers / civilians.This database and family file? It is literally a "who to abuse next" file just waiting for the predators - and we see Rotherham and Glasgow abuse rings galore and what did the social workers do? Turn a blind eye because of diversity.Strip these people of all powers and office, scrap the scheme and leave families alone unless there is a clear and present danger that isn't just they don't like their bedroom paint colour' (Yes, go check - that is a flag to prompt intrusion into your families personal lives and home.)