Play 'Spot the Anomaly' and help AHEd's campaign


Do home educators all have two heads? Do they all wear sandals? Do they stay indoors 24/7? Do they all look and act weird? These are the old chestnuts that Badman and Balls are happy to peddle about those who reject the schooling model of education.

Why not play Spot the Anomaly and at the same time help with AHEd's anti-Badman campaign?

The political party currently in power does not like these [home education] freedoms and has called us an "anomaly" that must be brought into line with government provisions and policies for children. However, we and our children have our own plans and policies for our own lives. But who are we? Perhaps you already know some home educating families; perhaps you are home educators yourselves; perhaps you have heard a lot of stories about us in the press? The government is suspicious, saying that we might really be criminals - should they be? - are you? If you saw us in the street, would we be any different from you?