PanopticanUK: NSPCC - Nothing new really


From PanopticonUK, 1st March.

The NSPCC's message has to be 'children are at risk'. To put it at its baldest, the NSPCC needs cruelty to children to be seen to occur because, without that, it has no raison d'etre.
The blog links to this interesting Guardian article which demonstrates that there are longstanding concerns about the agenda and modus operandi of the NSPCC, and not just from parents.
In the Guardian article it says this

>'They are seriously in danger of pushing their message to the >very outer limits of what might be called economy with the >truth,' I was told last week by a senior officer of a rival >children's charity, who asked not to be named.

Hmmm? I don't suppose that rival childrens' charity could be Barnados could it? I still wonder why Barnados pulled out of the review.