Our Youth & new level


Today’s children are completely different. We don’t know the characteristics of the new world, so it seems to us that children today are strange and eccentric. Indeed, they really are not like us. They seem strange to us because they are born with preexisting rudiments of the next social state of the world, one that is global and integral, in accord with the challenge that Nature is presenting before us today. By pressuring us from within and from without, Nature is forcing us to adopt a new form of connection between us, for which we adults have no desire whatsoever.

Yet, today children are already born with a predisposition for integral perception, so while the new reality might seem strange to us, to them it is completely natural and even desirable. Children understand it so well that they might as well have come to us from another world, and weren’t really our kids at all. They perceive everything as natural because the integral perception really is natural. It is the nature of reality that is gradually being revealed today.

Therefore, it’s not the children who have a problem, it is the parents and teachers who are trying to implement a new method of connection among people, a method offered to them by Nature. The adults are still in a transition phase, while the children are already ripe for it.

Now is really a special time. We are in the midst of a transition from an egoistic, proprietary, individual level—where the relationships between us are self-serving—to an altruistic, integral, and global level, where everyone must be interconnected.

How can we make this transformation? Only with the help of mass media. This transformation will be possible if public representatives and the world’s influential people understand the need for change, and take it on themselves to care for the future generation.

But as usual, everything falls on the shoulders of the teachers and the department of education, which is not yet even focusing on upbringing but instead on educating. This is why the entire education system itself is falling apart.

The internet, which is developing alongside the calling to become integral—alongside Nature’s call to humanity—is the answer to the question, “How will we attain a global education and upbringing?” It can be done only through the internet. The internet is the least expensive platform, but it provides the best accessibility and can facilitate the creation of a new human being, one who is not restricted by any boundaries. Moreover, we won’t just be forming a new human being, but a whole new world, which will be realized within him.

How is “the world” defined? The world is what we perceive. Indeed, if our sensations shift from egoistic to altruistic, the world will change as well, since we will perceive it differently. After all, the world is perceived by sensation, which means that it can appear to us in a completely different way.

This is the usual materialistic approach, the scientific one. We see that our perception or attitude toward reality completely changes the way we perceive reality. Hence, reality is relative.

There are no distances in this world on the next level because distance is measured by our sensations, and our sensations will no longer repel one another, but will instead unite with each other. It’s as if we overcome the distances between us. They become psychologically reduced to zero because we attain the principle, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Thus, we achieve a state where time becomes restricted. Right now, time is between us due to our egoism. But if we are all inside a single sphere of desire, then practically speaking, time will not exist. Being in this sphere, we gradually accelerate time, contract space, and shift from the sensation of a physical world to the sensation of a virtual world.

This is Nature’s call to unity. The call is not only for us to overcome the repulsion between us, but to raise us to a new level of perceiving life.

Many people are already starting to see the world this way. And we also see how youths aspire to reach this world and enter it.